Audrey St-Laurent

Director and Botanical Expert


Micromondes is Audrey’s first short film. In it, she offers a contemplative reflection on our relationship with the ephemeral by bringing together all her favourite elements of filmmaking: DIY, technology and nature.

Before moving into filmmaking, Audrey built an impressive portfolio as an art director, contributing to projects such as Swarovski (directed by Christophe Colette), Wired (photographed by Nik Mirus), Greenbeaver (Les Garçons), Bath & Body Works (Caravane) and a Klo Pelgag music video co-directed by Camille Boyer and Soleil Denault.

Through Audrey’s lens

Audrey replenishes her creative energy during her nature expeditions, whether it’s a three-day trip to Bic National Park in Quebec or a month-long artist residency in British Columbia. Her latest project with musician Alex Nevsky was directly inspired by one of these stays in a small town a few hours outside of Montreal, where footage shot in nature was projected during one of his tours.

Organic geek

Micromondes was filmed using a probe mounted on a robotic arm. It took several weeks to choreograph the camera movements through the eight-square-foot set installed in our Montreal studios.