We have combined a creative challenge and a technical challenge to produce a unique image.

Wired UK’s Creative Director approached us after seeing BLOCS, a personal project where we’d challenged ourselves to create three images in three days! No storyboard, no 3D, we just used what we had on hand in the studio. It was a mini lab that led to an editorial contract. Same recipe, same visual language.

We had a whole month to create the image, so we took the time to explore, try things out and have fun.

When you have the luxury of being able to build several mock-ups, it’s easier to confirm your choice, to select the best option.

We did everything from A to Z, only Jean-Constant and me! Being hands-on in every step of the way is a process we greatly appreciate.

As a duo, we really complement one another. We have opposite strengths, so the scope of our expertise is extremely broad. We cover a lot of ground, from the very creative to the very technical.

This was definitely one of our best projects in 2020.