People are intrigued by the idea of the duo. They wonder how we shoot, what our dynamic is, how we work together as a couple. We thought it was important to put faces to the name LM Chabot.

Jo: Le Lab gives us the opportunity to explore and redefine ourselves.
Alex: And it’s something that’s so important in our profession. It’s crazy! You’re always having to reinvent yourself to stay on top.
Jo: In advertising, it’s easy to become a photocopier of your own style.

The idea was to push our little animation and stop-motion experiments a bit further so that we could use the strength of our narrative voice.

Even within the space of a few seconds, motion allows us to tell a story, generate emotions and add depth.

Our cynical tone allows us to address the complex issues and values that are important to us while remaining light-hearted and poking fun at ourselves. Because at the end of the day, we are the only ones responsible for this burning world…and that’s the greatest challenge of all.

We really are step-by-step creators. Making that video enabled us to work through this new creative process in discovery mode, rather than performance mode.