I have the desire to bring out the essence of an object. By stripping away its original use, the object’s form, line, texture and materiality become building blocks to create something new and unexpected. As a result, my photography tends to be abstract and often blurs the line between graphic design, illustration and sculpture.

I add colour above the existing planet, they evolve with each layer of paint. A new planet appears every five minutes.

Ever since I was young, I’ve collected things. I used to have a stamp collection, a coin collection… Different variations of the same object. I find the same pattern again in my work: I don’t want just one or two of something, I want the whole collection. This becomes a problem when the collection is infinit. I become a little bit obsessive.

When you put static objects under a water surface in movement, shapes transform. Solid objects become fluid.

The long exposure technique makes it possible to create a three dimensional image from a two dimensional object. It creates movement out of something that is static.

At the start of the projects, I thought I would create fixed compositions before the shoot. Then I realized that this wouldn’t work… I would need all the colours, all the shapes, all the options! The surrounding setup is planned in minute detail beforehand but the layout of colours is done on the spot. It’s intuitive, fast, almost organic.

It is a generative and iterative process wherein mistakes are made, ideas are scrapped or re-worked and new ideas are conceived. It is this process that drives me, sometimes even more than capturing the final image itself.